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Free Femdom Erotica: Art & Stories of Female Power & Cruelty

Female Domination Fiction

For over a decade and a half I have created, written, curated female domination sites. It is a diverse assortment. I talk about dating, the aesthetics of masochism, sometimes blending extravagant nonsense with sober admonitions. And Femdom stories and vignettes.

Femdom Flash Fiction with F/m Art

Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Female Supremacy stories.. Fantasies of planets where female superiority has created female supremacist governments. They range from benign matriarchies to totalitarian Gynofascist states. Men are property, chattels owned by the superior gender. It is my most popular story site.

Female led relationships stories. Dominant wives and girlfriends demand obedience and reverence from husbands and boyfriends. The most common stories are about F/m spankings. The Mistress discipline the man to prevent bad behavior. Often for the male's own good. This is my second most popular F/m story site.

Femdom vignettes of women, professional slavers, who kidnap, enslave, train and sell men to women. Training is brutal. The slavers use physical and psychological methods to induce humility. They teach protocol and remove resistance. Men are commodities, objects. They are bought and sold without regards to the human chattels emotions.

Femdom BDSM stories of TPE slavery. Men believing in female supremacy sign irrefrangible contracts, surrendering their human rights. The vignettes focus on torment. Women are cruel and mocking. Hurting men delights the women. Sadism is a source of pleasure. My most recent site, I find the stories darker than I intended.


  1. I want to be dressed in femme all the time for my mistress. I will do my chores in my locking maids dress.

  2. Oh so exciting!!!!!!!

  3. Oh so exciting!!!!!!!

  4. Your vignettes inspired me to start a serial of my own. I'll send you copies when I publish. You do good work for a very specific people. Thank you.

    Glory hole,

    Jean Nuhong

  5. Your efforts at promoting the femdom fantasy are admirable!

  6. I am still learning.this is what I need.

  7. I have been fortunate to have two female husbands. I will start where it all began.
    My wife of four years had diabetes. She was told by her doctor not to paint her nails anymore. Her collection of colors rival nail salons. I knew she was upset. I told her she may get that in control later. You can paint my toe nails for now.
    Hour after dinner she came out with her polishes. Fifteen minutes later I had hot pink toe nails.
    Every Friday she would change the color. Three weeks later she more medical issues. She had to have a caregiver three hours a day M-F. Her name was Sarah.
    I kept s notebook of my feelings about the polishing, how erotic and submissive it made me feel.
    The first two pages had girls names
    I would liked to have I was s girl. There a couple of first and middle.
    Sarah was with us three weeks. I had a Monday off and very red toenails. Doorbell rang I reached for on the floor. My wife said to forget them. Sarah knows about the polish. Just answer the door Carla Denise. We found your notebook.
    I opened the door and Sarah just admired my nails. My wife was now in the living room. Sarah started making breakfast like normal. My wife said Carla why don't you make the coffee. Sarah said Carla there is room for both of us in the kitchen. Sarah call me nothing but Carla from then on. Carla Denise was my first feminine name.

  8. It's been four weeks since I became Carla. Today is Friday and Halloween. Nine at night I was informed that she and Sarah forgot four items when they went shopping.
    My wife said it's dark outside and it's Halloween. I'm going to dress you like a Carla and send you to Walmart. This not for discussion its an order. OK Carla. I said yes.
    Forty five minutes later I was in a Blue Pants Suit, blonde wig, makeup, one inch heel white flats.
    My ID's were put in a green purse and my keys were given to me with a list.
    I got to the apartment parking lot as quick as the shoes would let me.I parked not near a light. Got inside looked at the list. k knew I was set up. The items were in four places far apart. I'll have walk to the whole store almost. My wife has had walking and talking feminine. It came in handy tonight. I forgot to tell I also have a bra with falsies and a massive amount of cologne. I saw two guys I work with and they gave me a second look. Then they I saw them talking to a girl we work with. She moved toward me and they moved on. She came to me and told me that those guys were interested in her and me having a drink with them. She told she hoped to see me there. I said I didn't think so. The makeup job and the practice I've done paid off. I fooled three co-workers.
    I got my items and headed for check out. A lady stopped me and asked me where something was. I used my Carla voice and answered her.
    I have be gone ninety five minutes now when I left. I was glad my friends didn't wait around.
    Got home and my wife was still dressed. She took the items and don't undress. She told me keep my purse and we will walk around the complex.
    We talked just like this was. She asked how did it go Carla.
    I told her about being asked out and I fooled the three of our friends, she knew them also.
    We got back not very long. Opened the purse took the keys out and opened. We talked some more. She got turned on by making turned into Carla.
    I said I am turned on being submissive and you being dominant. If you want it to happen you will forceful and order me. The safety word will be if I discuss it.
    We went to bed she left the light on I was watching TV when she came out the bathroom. She ordered me to strip. She then shaved me legs, underarms, pubic area, and on top of my arms hands to elbows.
    Every night about nine we walked around the apartment complex with me as.
    The next day we back to WalMart got me panties, pantyhose, and nightwear. We walked for about three. I began wearing panties and pantyhose under my work clothes. The Monday after Holloween.
    The two guys all they could talked about some bitch from Saturday night stood. The girl I worked with said if I looked that good I would have stood those jerks up also. I smiled and thought wait to my wife heard this.

  9. This is the next continuation. Got home told Kim what Joe Bob and Sue said. She laughed and said I told you would look like a woman.
    We walked over to our computer. She said do you want to continue being submissive Carla or quit now.
    I said this has always been my major fantasy of mine.
    She brought up one web site Dominant Female Submissive Male, then Feminization of Husband. She and Sarah spent some time after her official time. Looking at these sites. I am very low knowledge of computer and Kim was worse. I figure Sarah was involved.
    The first site the submissive male should refer dominant female as Mistress. I was to call her Mistress Kim and Sarah, Mistress Sarah. The other web site I need walk and talk very feminine at all times. Mistress Kim and Sarah will help I was told. The only time I can wear male clothes is to Doctors. Mistress Kim said since she is charge of major decisions. She has me change PCP to her doctor which is a female. She already talked to her doctor.
    I started calling her mistress Kim. We went out to K-Mart, and dinner. She ask me to price two items. She said do you have pen Carla to write with. I said yes Mistress Kim.
    She said I'm proud of you Carla I didn't have to say louder.
    Twenty minutes later over the PA system Carla Denise your ride is waiting. I did get some looks from people near the exit. They knew
    Mistress Kim requested.
    On the way to the car Mistress Kim said that she had the right to embarrass me at anytime.
    I said Mistress Kim this is my fantasy also. I'm not ready for your family or mine or work to know. I am proud for you calling me Carla and for you to be know as Mistress Kim.

  10. Thursday, Bob,Joe and I needed to overtime to work on promotion of new club opening Saturday. We got the client today. Radio, TV, and newspaper tomorrow.
    We began to look at the information we had. Bob gave first comment. No way this is a LGBT club. Me and Joe looked.
    Joe said it's a job it doesn't mean we agree with it. I bet that bitch from Saturday will be there.
    We finished about 8:30.
    I went home was in for a shock. When I opened the door Kim, Sarah and Susan was there to greet me.
    Susan said Carla Denise did you finished.
    Mistress Kim said, When Susan left you Saturday she came here while you were checking out. She said she saw you in drag shopping. She has known from the start of this part. I told I knew and I sent you. When she called before you called she what you were working on. I told her to stop by and wait with me. Then I called Sarah and I told her what was happening.
    First Carla, Susan has been a true friend. You need to call her Mistress Susan. Starting tomorrow Susan will pick you up for work so I can have the car.
    Everybody then left.
    Next morning Mistress Susan was a little early. Walked yo her car., I said thank you Mistress Susan for not saying anything
    She said only when alone or with your wife, will I call you Carla.
    Off to work mistress Susan. I started getting a strange look from Mistress. Mistress Kim told me to use my feminine voice till Mistress Susan questions it.
    We stopped at a drive-thru. Got some coffee and breakfast sandwiches. I ordered like Carla.
    Finally she asked, I told what mistress Kim said.
    Mistress Susan said you can pass as Carla beside looks.

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  12. We got to and Mike just finished talking yo Bob and Joe.
    Susan said We're not late
    Mike said no just come together into the office. The club was happy with our work. The club holds four hundred. They were hoping for a hundred reservations for opening night. This morning at eight they were at one fifty. They're going to stop at two hundred .for reservations. They want to give the give of us. Two admissions, free drinks, and free food. They want give us a bonus check, publicly thank us. That free advertisement for us. They want us to all be there. Bob and Joe refuses to go. That puts mein a bad spot.
    Do we have any pressing work today I said.
    Mike said no. I was thinking we close at for your good work. Got any ideas.
    I got one. How about Susan and go to the club this morning. Don't close till we get back. Can I have Bob and Joe's tickets if they don't have to go. Mike said OK whatever the club says.
    Let's go Susan. Out the door we went. Mistress Susan you're bisexual aren't you. How did you figure that out.
    Your reactions to some things the last couple of days.
    Drive I need to talk Mistress Kim and Sarah. Mistress Kim I have two free tickets for the opening night of the new club. Do you want to take Carla or Mistress Sarah.
    It's tonight right, Mistress Kim said I said yes . Mistress Kim said, she is going with Mistress Sarah.
    Let me talk to Mistress Sarah. Can you see if Jeff wants to take me tonight. Plus can help Mistress Susan find a female.
    Mistress Sarah said How did you know about Jeff.
    You told us. I hate to be a rush I need .you me back within thirty minutes.
    Got to the club. Meet the owners-managers Told them both of my names. Explained I was a submissive male to a dominant female. She was coming tonight with bisexual nurse.
    I hope to let you know soon who I'm coming with. I .explained about Bob and Joe. Suggest it would be be better for business if they didn't have to come. I the asked if I could have Joe and Bob's tickets. They said do it
    Please call Mike and tell him Joe and Bob are off the hook. Then my phone Mistress Sarah said Jeff is my date and Mary will be Susan's. We're all meeting at six at our place.

  13. My three mistresses,decided that they need to begin my special transformation at two. Mistress Susan came and got me. I was watching television in the bedroom.
    In the living there was a light blue low cut dress. Medium length light brown wig. Ear piercing machine. Two flesh breast inserts. Nail extensions. Various assortment of makeup and polishes. Three inch heel black shoes. Finally a white purse.
    They finished with me at five thirty. I had two green pierced earrings. My eyebrows were plucked and arched. I thought Bob and Joe will have a field day next work day. Green eye shadow to match my eyes. Hot pink lipstick with a touch of pink on my cheeks. Two breasts that showed. Red nail polish with at least two inch extensions. There was no trace of male. Mistress Kim said my mom always wanted a girl. Let's take a picture with cell and send it. I didn't have tine to say anything. It was sent to my mom, my brother and his wife. There was one sent to me. I heard the phone in the purse.
    I was told that was some money, IDs, phone and refresh makeup.
    Then I was sprayed with a flowery scented cologne.
    They took turns during my transformation. To get themselves ready.
    Doorbell rang it was Mary, Mistress Susan's date. They knew each other from awhile back. They hugged and kissed. Mistress Kim and Sarah were doing the same.
    Doorbell rang again, it was Jeff. Five foot nine inches about 175 pounds. Good build. He came to me gave me a hug and kiss on my cheek.
    I picked up the purse and out the door we went. He asked if this was first gay date.
    I said yes. I have been a submissive male wife to Kim for now almost five years.
    I was wondering how you could walk talk and mannerisms so well. He said you are very beautiful. What is your name.
    I said Carla Denise. Just call me Carla.
    We got to the car and gave a kiss on my neck.
    He knew the way to the club and he wanted to go the long way so we can talk.
    I told him I wore female clothing except at work.
    He has had gay feelings since high school. He dated only men last three years.
    We got there and we were greeted by the owners. Aren't the guy that helped us. I said yes.
    The next person I saw was Mike. His mouth just hung opened. He said Bob and Joe found other jobs because they didn't want to the Club's contract. If you want to wear business clothing and makeup like Susan you can start Monday.
    I said I probably would.
    I turned to Jeff let's go to the rest what was said. You can decide if you want to sit with them or elsewhere.
    I told the three Mistresses what was said. I got three big smiles.
    Kim got up and came and whispered to me. You're going to do it aren't you.
    I said if you will help me.
    Kim said now you'll be girlfriend too. Has Jeff asked you for another date yet. You know with this club Sarah and I will be going out.
    How about I give you a hand signal when he does
    I got to the table, the band started. Jeff got up grabbed me
    and took me to the dance floor.
    He said I hope I didn't startled you by being aggressive.
    I said remember I'm submissive. I do make suggestions. Let's let this group now I'm your date kiss me now and let's see lipstick you can remove. I got the biggest and most sensual kiss ever

  14. I needed to go to restroom. There was ten Unisex rooms on the north and south side each. I used the stall then looked in the mirror to reapply the lipstick and I looked .All that nibbling on my created a small hickey.
    Went back to the table. The just delivered four cheeseburger sliders and basket of wings. I. Went over to Jeff and whispered did you know I have small hickey.
    His face went into shock. He saw it. He took me to the dance floor. He took in his arms it was a slow dance. He asked me to give him a hickey that could easily be seen.
    I did. He then asked me to lunch on Sunday. I said go asked Renée.
    He did. Renée gave the thumbs up and touched her neck. She handed Jeff the car keys.
    Jeff came back. He said he asked and I also if you could spend the night with me. She said yes on both. She said we need to go the car. She packed a suitcase with extra clothes just in case.
    We went and put the case in his car. I took the keys to Renée. I said I'll see you Saturday afternoon
    She there is enough clothes for Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning. I called Mike so he wouldn't be shock when he saw you tonight. He told he would offer the choice to dress fulltime.
    See if Jeff will drop you at work and I'll pick you up.
    We left an hour later.

  15. I was wondering if there is a Misress that I can submit my self too, I would love to please my mistress, her pleasure is my satisacsatis, her dominance is my pleasure, her wish is my command, and I will worship her like a good slave if interested email me...

  16. Jeff and I got about five steps to the car when the phone lit up. My younger brother wanted to talk to his new sister and my mom wanted a better picture. Jeff took a picture and sent it to them.
    Jeff was nice and gentle. We kissed at every red light. The weekend was a whirlwind. My first time with a man. Kim has used a dildo on me, so Jeff was not pain full.
    Monday came Jeff drooped me at. Very light makeup and a beige pant suit. Now my start of my new life.

  17. Got to work had a new name plate, Ms. Carla Denise. Mike was in his office, just laughing and smiling ear to ear. He was hanging the phone up.
    I said to him "Pretty sure of your self wi

  18. Got to work, a new name plate Ms. Carla Denise.
    Mike was is his office door opened. He was just laughing and smiling eat to ear. He hung up the phone.
    "I said to him "Pretty sure of yourself with that name plate."
    He said " No brainer the way you left Friday. Just got done talking Kim. She said you spent the weekend with Jeff. I called Susan yesterday told her not to come work today. Called you and Kim but she told me your were not home. Just called again as Kim was on her way to work. She then told me you were with Jeff. I had to call Susan to she come at 1. We just a new client. She will be hear at twelve. That's why I called again to your house. Do you want me to take you home then come back or do you want to accompany me as I do some business. This place is going to be locked up."
    "I said, I'll go with you. It would take me all the time to ready again."
    Mike locked the door he put his arm around my waist and we walked to the car. He opened the door for me.
    We headed to the bank first. Our very large bonus check was deposited. He was told by the owners of the club. That Saturday was even bigger money maker than Friday. When we got there he got out opened the door for me. He saw one the mangers. He came back with three white envelopes. The small one was just some cash for him to carry. One big one was for Susan and one for me.
    Mike said to me, "Not sure how your going to do your banking. A women shouldn't carry that much cash."
    He caught himself after what he said. He was red faced and I was smiling and gave him a giggle. I took my phone out and called Mistress Kim Told her about the money. She told me to deposit in my account.
    We have three on where our paychecks go and pay bills. We each have one to put our bonus in and where our refund goes. She gets regular bonus she always give me some of it. I decided to wait for a manager instead of a teller. The same saw one that saw Mike called me. Mistress Kim and I already talked to him. We someday knew this was going to happen. We have already talked to him about me being Carla.
    I told Mike that he knew about Carla. Next stop office supplies.

  19. We didn't need much for the we office. Mike picked up an assortment of things for the new client.
    He his keeping it a secret who the new client is going to be.
    We put the bags in the trunk. Mike opened the door for me.
    When we got back in, I said, " Before you be start the car, let's talk. You haven't said a word about Friday or how I am dressed now. Having second on offering me to dress like a female. I may not be totally gay but after Friday and weekend I am bisexual. Mistress Kim is very pleased with it. I have talked to her a few times this weekend. Long as she is the only woman. I told herb as long as the man she has fine.
    She had has had the lesbian feelings a long time. She has been feeling guilty by having them. That's the number one reason she liked me being submissive.
    Mike said, "I think you make beautiful and sexy woman. I have noticed you are not wearing your wedding ring."
    I said,' Mistress Kim are renewing our vows in four months. She thought if we didn't wear the rings till then.
    I don't know how you feel. If you want to put your arms around me. Give me a kiss on the cheek or lips. I don't mind, I'm looking forward to be the secretary under the desk while your working. I see from where I'm sitting your don't disagree with that."
    After the next ten minutes, I needed to refresh my lipstick. We also opened a bottle of water and cleaned our faces.

  20. Mike got a message from the client. Meeting changed till two and they rented a meeting room at a local hotel.
    We picked up some subs, chips, and drinks to have before the meeting. Mike was saying knowing Susan she'll be early and she doesn't know of the change.
    We got back to the office about twelve. Just put the supplies on the work table and the food on our little eating one. Susan just pulled up in the parking area. Mike told me to hide inithe bathroom.
    "Which one", I said.
    "The women's", he said.
    Susan got in then put her jacket on the hook.
    Mike handed her the bonus, Mike made a comment the she would have a new girl to work with. Susan thought must be a replacement for the two ex.
    I figure that was my current cue to enter. When I did Susan's mouth opened wide. She said, " Holy shit on a stick."
    If I didn't know who you were, I would have been ready to say my name is Susan, what's yours.
    Susan we need to have a much needed discussion Mike commented. Which bathroom should Carla use.
    "Susan said, Three things. First if we finally get to call her Carla. Second if this is going to be her regular dress, a skirt or dress will be OK with me. Third I don't mind sharing a bathroom with another female. You need to be careful if we have guests."
    We all laughed and started to get ready to eat.

  21. Mike told us the client will located about 25-30 miles from us. They are coming here for the first meeting. It will be improv, drag show male and female club. They will be a first class restaurant. The only quick food during the shows will be wings.
    They were there Friday and saw the results of our work. They even talked to each one of us. We didn't know but they did. They were at our tables.
    They talked to our club owners about getting to use us.
    They wanted everyone to feel good about this.
    The owners felt that because of the distance, food and entertainment. It would alright.
    They talked to me before I left. Saturday late afternoon is when they contacted me about today.
    I said, "I'm really pissed off. Someone checking on me without me knowing why.
    Mike said," They also made another comment. I wanted to wait till you got upset. The girl at your table didn't know we're not a female until after you left. Kim said something that gave it away. One of the owners in his early fifties even danced with you. He didn't know. Before you say anything else you danced with three other guys beside Jeff."
    I said, "Are you not upset Susan."
    "Not really', she said. That one guy at our table was asking to many questions. I figured he would be a client. He even asked me if I wanted a ride home.
    " Thanks right he just didn't know he was the wrong type for you.", said Mike.
    They are buying us dinner tonight. They would like you to invite Kim and Sarah.

  22. Finished lunch went to ladies room to refresh makeup. Susan followed me in. I was finishing my necessary business. Susan humming at the mirror checking eye makeup. I went to other mirror. Starting with the eyes, the cheek. Went to put on lipstick.
    Susan said," Wait a second. I talked as soon as I saw you today. While you and Mike were putting the lunch out. I told her if a girl like Carla crossed my path there would serious tongue action".
    Just then my phone buzzed. It was Kim. She said,"Did Sue tell you she talked to me."
    I said, Yes she just told me while we redoing our makeup."
    She said "I guess you are using the ladies room. Great please get used to it. That's all you will be using from now on. The way she talked she may hit on you. If it's Sue that will be OK. Tongue action only top or bottom. No using your other equipment.
    I said,"Ok I wasn't going to do anything. I was going to tell what she said when you picked me up. The new client is taking us to dinner they want you to come you and Sarah to come."
    Sarah just a text from Sue. I was told Sarah. Kim would be waiting to know where and when to pick me up.
    We got to the meeting room. There were eight of them and three of us. They pointed to our seats, Mike sat between Susan and me.
    First thing that happened was three that talked to me and Susan, Friday night. The stood up and the lady spoke. They wanted to apologise for not being forthright and telling us who they were.
    Mike commented we were a little upset. That we would the meeting do the smoothing over.
    They just start reventing the place. Basically the told us what Mike told us. They opening be would be about five months.

  23. Mike told them we would like take them as a client.
    The first Saturday entertainment would be a drag contests for man then women. T hey would like to invite me to be in the first contest.
    Told them I think about. Then they wanted them to be head judge after that.
    Really all we did today was to meet each other and know we have plenty time to get ready. We broke up after only hour and half. Susan and Mike both drovr because we weren't sure how long. The restaurant best in the area was their. We we're asked to be there at 6:45. Kim and my place was enroute to the place. Susan's was about ten minutes away from me. I called Kim just told to come home finished with work. Gave her the time for dinner.
    Passed the women's room, needed to go again.
    Susan said,"This is complely normal for a women. The next thing looking in the mirror before you leave". When I left the stall Susan pushed me back in and locked the door. I was on the seat and she sat on my lap forcefully. She began kissing me tongue and I just responded immediately. She then stood me up and put down my slacks, pantyhose and panties. She began to give me a great blow job. It wasn't long I was done.
    She pulled me up. I put my clothes on. She hiked her skirt up. I knew what I was to do. I went under her skirt, pulled the pantyhose and panties down. I have done this way many times for Kim. My tongue went into action. Then moans started coming from Susan and I knew I was doing alright. She then stopped vibrating and her got a little limp. She was done I helped her pulling up her clothes. We walked to the mirrors and saw the damaged that was done to our face, hair and makeup. We didn't say anything between. Just made ourselves presentable. Walked to the car when she started the car. We both started to talk at the same I let her finish.
    She said, "She was texting Kim back and forth during the meeting. Kim told if she wanted something to happen she would need to be the aggressor. She never has been the one to start the action. She knows now why Kim likes me being submissive."
    I said, " Do you realize we just used a motel restroom for a good time. At least I enjoyed it."
    She,said, "I have no complaint about your ability." We got to my place. Susan walked me to the door. There was note for Susan from Sarah. She was tobcome by and get her when she was ready. They would be able and talk before the dinner, about this pass weekend.

  24. Sarah no longer worked to help Kim anymore. Kim but she is now paid by us to help around the house. I went in got out those clothes and jumped into a bath sweet smelling salts. Washed the makeup off. We have a small hanging there so we can check ourselves. Got about 90 percent off. Got it done got time for a small nap set the alarm.
    Didn't need the alarm Kim got thirty minutes later. She woke me up. I needed another shower, She said. We both got in the shower she rinsed all over. She told me" On your knees pussy eating bitch." While I was performing for her. She talked to Susan and Susan's tell made her horny and she finished and came home. Mistress Kim told me that I will be entered in the Drag Queen contest. Mistress Kim will be entered in the Drag King contest.
    We finished we started to get dressed. She asked me what I was going to wear. I'm not sure, I what a knee length dress. She handed me her light blue one that she wears only special occasions. She wears it also when she wants to show off.
    I what to show you off tonight she said. Our wedding vows is in four months. You are going to be the bride and I will be the groom.
    I was a little taken back. The more I thought really this could be a really turn on.
    I'll ask Susan and Sarah as bride maids. Maybe Jeff and Mike as grooms men.
    Kim was for it. We will ask Mike, Susan, and Sarah tonight when we see them.
    We got there. Jeff came with Mike. There were fourteen of us total.
    Kim couldn't be wait to ask our wedding party. While we were getting positive feedback. They were a little shocked of who was going to be the bride. We got four yes.
    Our client put their heads together. When everybody up for air. They ask me and Kim if we wanted to have the wedding at their. They would pay for everything. Including my gown, Kim's tuxedo all the food and set up. It didn't tale long for Kim to say yes.
    Friday night the first day opened would be our wedding, and two or three comedy improv.
    There be free food to anybody coming to the wedding and they ment not finger food. Dancing with music and maybe not any comedy.
    We all had Mike and Susan took notes, my handwriting is horrid. I took mental notes and watch their expressions.
    The dinner meeting was over about ten. The bill for food and drinks were a little over $400. I still didn't know the name of the company but the boss today, opened up his wallet be and gave the waitress five one hundred bills. He said the change will the tip. The waitress told mr that because of the large group it was added. He told her OK still keep it you were all wonderful and we had a successful meeting.

  25. Next couple ofonths nothing to special. We took some of the bonus money and bought lots of clothes. Since we wore the same size we accumulated a real nice wardrobe for both of us.
    Mistress Kim without me knowing bought some things online. Got home before she did one evening. She worked a little extra. There was a package at the door addressed to Carla Denise James. Kim's maiden name. Took the package in, not to heavy for it's size. Called Mistress Kim, said the package was for me but would I wait till get home to open it. No problem my reply.
    When she got home. We went out for dinner. We had plans to just have leftovers and talk about the wedding.
    We talked abouta work and the project she is working on. This could get her a nice bonus.
    We got home the package was on the coffee table. Inside were packages of breast forms, hip and butt pads. They're for to start wearing so they will comfortable when you compete for Drag Queen. That's the first time in has been mentioned since that meeting.
    There was a plain brown box. Kim took it and went in the bedroom. She be right back. Couple minutes she came out backards. She was still wearing the brown slacks on. She turned around, there was a male bulge in front. She needed padding also.
    Our sex life she was even more dominant. Lots of sex in the shower we me on my knees. I was also wearing my butt plug to work more.

  26. We are meeting at the new client's now. It's easy right twenty five minutes to the site another six to formal business area.
    Ten weeks into renovation. Looks like they will finish early. Just me and Mike today. Susan is having some hospital tests today. We have meet with the new client's once before here. The TV station is our. There is two radio stations that are possibilities and the new paper, plus our radio and paper. The lady name Rose who was at the other opening night, was to be out tour guide today.
    We got into her large Chrysler, Mike got in the back he said, You ladies need the mirrors. Rose just smiled.
    The newpaper was estatic about the amount of advertisement we we're talking about. The radio was a diffrrent story. One was to conservative to even go beyond our fifteen minutes of discussion.
    The other wasn't sure how many minutes a day the would let us have.
    Rose said,"Now you see what our problem is here."
    I asked," Is there any other lifestyle group organizations here."
    She said, "One, I'll show you where it is at."
    We drove into the heart of the town. We pulled up to a building that definitely has had seen better days. We walked in Rose was greeted warmly. She introduced us. Every eye within hearing distance was aimed at me.
    Rose said, " You must have gotten use to recrption like this. I haven't. Yes I'm bi leaning more towards lesbian."
    I said, "I'm sorry you can't live you life comfortably. I'm a submissive male that has evolved into this." I was telling her this so she could feel OK with us. I sense she was a little nervous showing this to us. I understand how busy she became part of our client. They needed her. She offered us lunch. We declined we had work at our office to do. She took us back to Mike's car. Her bosses gave her some cash to give to us for gas a and eats if we didn't eat there.
    She said," At the library make a right, three buildings down there is BBQ place. Good food for quick snack.
    She gave us great directions. We each got two chopped sandwiches, chips, and a drink for $12. Rose gave Mike $50. Mike gave me $15 as a share for gas and food money. We were laughing.
    We saw coming there just outside their town, a little pull over picnic area. We decided to eat there.
    We finished pretty quick. I through the trash in the can. Getting back in I accidently on purpose tripped and my head and right hand fell into Mike's lap.
    I said, " I need to take care of some business I promised." I proceed to unbutton the pants slide them down. There was no protest from Mike. His penis was above average bigger than any other I've had my hands on. I proceeded with the tip. He wiggled a little his gave way. I was now bobbing up and down and my hand was on his balls stroking them. He shot is load, I got it all. I then started licking his balls. He asked me to stopped.

  27. Mike said my turn. His hands were lifting my skirt up then pulling my panties down. Then he start slowly licking my balls. Then sliding up the shaft to the tip. He took the whole penis in his mouth. That's all it took I let loose.
    I took his and pulled him up. We each put our clothes on order. Pulled down the visor mirror, fixed my face redid the lipstick. We got the car going home. Got home to Mistress Kim by 6.
    She asked me how was the trip. I told her about Rose. She told me she got a text from Rose. Telling her about the building being on schedule. She wanted us to come there Saturday, to pick out my gown and Kim's tux. She was put in charge for the set-up. She wanted to talk and show us some ideas.
    Kim asked did I have any plans for Saturday. I'll check with Mike tomorrow. For its a go.
    Got to work and today is Thursday. Wore peach color dress just below the knees. Susan and Mike were there already. I brought bakery delights this morning. I really thought I have coffee done before they there. There was a vase and a red rose on Susan's desk. Mike called me went to his office he meet me at his door. He handed me a vase and a rose. He gave me a kiss on the cheek. I told him about the breakfast items. I put the rose on my desk. Susan wanted to know what I did to Mike yesterday.
    I told her we needed to talk about Rose. That reminded me to talk to Mike. Knocked on Mike's door. It was opened he motioned for me to come. I asked him about the weekend work. He said," If there is any me and Susan will handle it. Your going to leave from the office with Kim, Friday morning and I will see you Monday. She will meet you at the library. You will be working there just keep me posted. They are paying for everything. You will be working overtime for me. You cover whatever they don't pay for and I reimburse from the company. They just up our basic services. The bonus will denpend on attendance and money intake Friday and Saturday.
    If you know anyone there get them to round up as many people as possible for your wedding. You have today tell by Susan of the problems. Put your heads together. After my doughnuts and coffee I'm off to the gym see you after lunch. You and Susan have lunch on me. Anywhere you want to go. He handed the company entertainment card.

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  29. This also first day I wore the new padding, no comments yet.
    Susan asked, "What did you do to Mike yesterday.
    I decided to give, her exactly what happened. I told her what happened to iniate the change. Her jaw opened wide then laughed.
    She said,"Leave you alone together, and look at all the fun you without me."
    Now down to business. Told her of the resistance that we'll have. Told her of the building the LGBT socialize in. Told her that our bonus will be based on attendance andomey spent. Give her complete explanatoon about what me and Mistress Kim going to do this weekend. We need to contact our group of people here that are LGBT.
    Susan said,"That's my job. Let's go.
    We got in her car and off we went. We drove to a small building three into our town. Nice business area. The area nice, clean. The four rooms first floor and basement labled on directory "Rainbow Company".
    Susan took me down stairs. All restrooms had male and female fogures on the door. Went in the door. We we were greeted by two people a man and woman. The were happy to see her. They gave her hugs and a kiss on the cheek.
    The guy said," You must be Carla. We've been looking for you to visit. Kim and Sarah come often."
    There was a Karaoke machine and and a very modern jukebox. Large dance floor and the was lined with chairs. The was a kitchen behind the music area.
    The lady said "We used to be packed. Now we get somewhere thity to fourty people. The ones that don't want change or not ready big since guys opened that club. Don't get me wrong we are happy for it. Our organization list has grown.
    I said,"That's great we need your.
    I told them of the new club opening next city over. Explained the resistance there. We we're told many people there come here. We want success in anything that will our community of people.
    We need to come tonight and they will make sure some people from there will be here.
    "Looks like we're working overtime tonight. I need to be on the road tomorrow morning."
    We need to be here at seven thirty. Asked Susan if she wanted us to invite Sarah. She said great.
    Called Mistress Kim asked her "If she wanted to come. Could she call Sarah and ask her."
    I think by the tone in her voice, if she could jump through the phone she would.
    We then visited the radio station, we dealt with last time. Then to the TV station to make contact with them.
    Then to lunch to one the francise steakhouses.
    I told Susan she needs to the Rainbow Company tomorrow, unless he's been here.

  30. Finished lunch thinking is there anything else we need to do, or back to the office. Susan thought of something else. Drive on was my comment.
    She to drove to a park. I could see the back of the Rainbow Company. I knew this park existed but it was out the way compared to the rest.
    Susan turned to me and said,"Show me what you did
    to Mike."
    She had her hose rolled dowm, then her panties. Don't just be sit there perform.
    I leaned over to her. She wiggled to a position that I had ample view. Then I began, ten minutes later she was finished. Her comment was I wish you didn't have that thing between your legs.
    Then we headed back to the office. We got there about two minutes before Mike.
    Mike said "I must have followed you around town. After thirty minutes at the gym. Everywhere I went they said you were there. I'll be there at seven thirty. He did ask," Do I need to know what you were doing at park, or just guess."
    Both of us at same time said,"Guess"
    Mike started locking up. Susan and I headed for our cars, just giggling like two teenagers that got away with something.
    Got home before Mistress Kim showered pitba wrap on and laid on the bed.
    Kim got home I told her about my day with Susan. We both ended back in shower again.

  31. We got dressed had all the pads on. Mistress Kim suggested a less formal dress. Put on the green with blue accent.
    We left at seven. I was a little confused. Mistress Kim said, "I know you like to be early. Here at this club just a little early is good."
    Susan and Mike were already there, when we arrived.
    Nobody else was there except the persons working. A few minutes later people started coming. Everybody seem to know who I was. Mistress Kim must have talked about me. Hoping this day would come. If I would have known this place existed, I would have come with Mistress Kim.
    Just about eight the music and dancing started. We went into a back room. It looked like any other room.
    There were ten from the new town. We told them what was in the works. The expression of happiness was not hidden. They started asking questions. We answered the best we could.
    We told them we needed their her help. All responds were tell us what and when.
    We need one of them to be the contact person. Then another as backup.
    Mike was more than glad that we had somebody at the grass roots.
    Mistress Kim and I had couple of dances. Then a sandwich. We needed to get up
    early to meet Rose tomorrow. I told Mike I didn't need to be paid overtime.
    Mike said, " They gave us a raise. I didn't ask for it. So let this OT be an early bonus. Susan and I will be be working here.
    We got in the car I apologised for not coming with her to this club before tonight
    We got home packed some things for the weekend. Then sleep.