Saturday, June 4, 2016

Female Domination Fiction

For over a decade and a half I have created, written, curated female domination sites. The quality varies considerably. It is a diverse assortment. I talk about dating, the aesthetics of masochism, sometimes blending extravagant nonsense with sober admonitions.

A few years ago, I started writing brief tales of female domination. My fictional prose is aimed at male masochists. I understand them. The ambition is to entertain and arouse. There are no strategies for finding happiness. Not a pretense of wisdom. The best I can hope to do is give someone a fantasy that he will develop. The goal is to increase the number of orgasms. Novel images and new ideas are often translate into the most delightful orgasms.

My Femdom Story Sites

This was inspired by many comments left on my oldest Femdom sites. On many worlds belief in female superiority is translated in female supremacist government. They range from benign matriarchies to totalitarian Gynofascist states. Men are property, chattels owned by the superior gender. It is my most popular story site.

Femdom BDSM stories of TPE slavery. Men believing in female supremacy sign irrefrangible contracts, surrendering their human rights. The vignettes focus on torment. Women are cruel and mocking. Hurting men delights the women. Sadism is a source of pleasure. My most recent site, I find the stories darker than I intended.

Femdom vignettes of women, professional slavers, who kidnap, enslave, train and sell men to women. The slavers use physical and psychological methods to induce humility. They teach protocol and remove resistance. Men are reified, men are commodities, objects. They are bought and sold without regards to the human chattels emotions.

Mostly milder female domination stories. They are more in line with the female-led form of Femdom relationships. Dominant wives and girlfriends demand obedience and reverence from husbands and boyfriends. The most common stories are about F/m spankings. The Mistress discipline the man to prevent bad behavior. Often for the male's own good. This is the only of the sites where I have risked writing tales or romance and love.

Directory of All My Female Domination Sites: Sensual Sadist